Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

17 January 2009

thankful for – my Grandma

God has been exceedingly good to me. One of His many blessings has been the life testimony of Ruth Anna Fick, my maternal grandmother, who three years ago today graduated to Glory. I was unable to attend her memorial service because my Anna-Ruth Elizabeth was due "any day" at the time, so I jotted the following notes to my uncle to read during the service...

I remember…
– Grandma writing letters to Doll-Doll (my favorite doll since age 7 or so).

– My writing from Uruguay (when I was 7 or 8) to request a specific Christmas gift from her. My Mommy was SO embarrassed, but Grandma was so pleased! Her response was: “That’s what Grandmas are for!”

– Her beautiful Christmas decorations and wonderful Christmas meals at the farm.

– Her “Pudding in a Cloud” dessert.

– The profound impact her sweet, lady-like behavior had on me as a rather backward 13-year old. I remember admiring her and wanting to be like her. I especially noticed that she said “Pardon?” instead of “What?” when she wanted something to be repeated, so I started doing so too!

– The soft, plush elephant she gave me one Christmas when I was a teenager. It’s now in my baby’s room, awaiting her arrival.

– Recognizing when I was very young that Grandma was VERY special to my Mommy. Consequently, even though I grew up so far away from Grandma, she has always been very special to me too.

– Grandma’s traveling from Canada to my wedding in South Carolina six and a half years ago (even though the trip was hard on her) because she recognized without my saying anything how much I needed her after my Mommy’s Home-Going just six weeks prior.

– Being comforted knowing that Grandma was praying for John Mark and me every night.

Most of all, I remember Grandma’s sweet trust in Christ – even through more trials and losses than I have ever personally known anyone else to experience. She has left a wonderful example for us to follow…

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