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Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

08 December 2011

“You!” (at 13M)

Inspired by a good friend (who’s a great blogger and writer!), I’ve decided to at least occasionally write letters to my little ones along these lines. (Thanks, Julie!)

“You!” (at 13M)

Actually today (12/08/11) is the one-year, one-month, and one-day milestone! (Cool, huh? Although, by the time you read this, you probably won’t say that something is cool.)

You weigh 22 pounds and are almost 32 inches tall. That puts you in the 50 percentile for weight and 90 percentile for height.

You’ve outgrown most 12M clothes and are wearing more and more 18M clothes. (And your current pajamas are size 2T and are only slightly long for your arms and legs.)

Most of the time, you’re a very happy Little Man; you love to flash your charming smile at anybody and everybody – especially your immediate family.

You seem to have a sense of humor. You often crinkle up your nose and show your teeth when you smile; you seem to understand that doing so will make others laugh.

You love your family. (And I, Mamá, am still your very favorite person – just as your Daddy predicted I would be!)

Most days, you still take two short naps. Either Daddy or I rock you to sleep – “en la silla de mimos” – singing Jesus Loves Me or Mi Mi Sol.

You already demonstrate a very tender heart, specifically by making concerned little sounds when you hear your sister crying and hurrying to her to offer a smile and hugs! (It’s very sweet to watch you hug your sister!)

You look like a miniature version of your Daddy. (I’m so happy!)

You still nurse three times a day: morning, mid-afternoon, and night. You fall asleep in my arms while you nurse at night – and I cherish those moments!

You love to clap your hands – and your feet! (I was glad that you cooperated and allowed me to capture that on video.)

You race around on all fours, often “stepping” with one foot as you’ve been doing for several months now.

You haven’t tried to walk on your own yet, but we’re expecting that any day now you’ll let go of the furniture and launch out. You sometimes hold out your hand, asking one of us to help you walk. You like to walk holding our hands and more and more often holding only one hand.

You seem to have a very keen visual memory and are not easily distractible. You remember where forbidden objects are (e.g. electrical outlets or the tube of toddler toothpaste you recently discovered when you managed to pry a bathroom drawer open as far as the safety latch allowed).

You love to point at objects.

You enjoy playing with the Fisher Price farmhouse and animals, often inviting me – through sounds and gestures – to play, too.

You amaze us with how expressive you are – making very eloquent sounds when you don’t have the words.

Best I can tell, you consistently say ten words:

Nena [often sounds like Deda] – referring to your sister
Ta – OK! (Uruguayan style)
[la lu] – la luz
[lo] and often [lo lo] – flor (your general term for all flora: flowers, leaves, trees, bushes)
[nana] and more and more often now [nanana] – manzana (your favorite fruit!)
[tata] – pelota
The first time I heard you say it, you were standing by your favorite bookshelf, pointing to one of Daddy’s thickest commentaries. The second time was at the Christmas Lighting when I tried to give you to Daddy because my arms were giving out…
[ba] – bye (your first English word)
When your sister was getting ready to leave for school just two days ago, you waved and said: [ba] and then [ba ba]

You love music; you often “bounce” up and down in time to music, and you already seem to have an amazing sense of rhythm!

You seem to think the birthday song is your song, smiling broadly when you hear it. (Having other birthdays recently in the family has certainly contributed…)

You loved “getting into” your b-day cakes! And we suspect that [tota] (torta) might be your newest word.

You have ten teeth: eight in front (top and bottom) and two molars (top and bottom right), and you’re working on getting another molar on the bottom left.

Apples, bananas, and olives (black, green, and kalamata – like your sister!) are your favorite foods.

You eat very well! If you keep up your current pace, we wonder how we’ll keep up with your appetite as a teenager!

You seem to remember your cousin Jona – and I’m especially grateful. I pray that you will grow to love and follow Christ like he did...

You are our precious Miniature Man – and we love you!

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Carrie said...

So sweet! I love the foot-clapping. :o)