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Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

09 July 2011

Another Milestone (Already?!)

DJM reached the eight-month milestone just over a week ago.

We all love him more and more each day.

His cousins are spoiling him.

Hes growing quickly – and so is his appetite for table food. (Im especially thankful! Were now down to two – and sometimes only one – middle-of-the-night feedings!) To the previous menu of prepared oat cereals, bananas, apples, carrot-sweet potatoes, and squashes, hes now added whole wheat & bran bread, bits of cheese, and small servings of meat: chicken and – most recently – BEEF! Im having fun pureeing everything!

On his own initiative (i.e. before we could stop him!), he also added coloring-book paper (complete with a bit of crayon!) and diaper liner to his list. Maybe he thought he needed more fiber?!

With the new tooth that appeared on the bottom right, he now has five showing. Two more on top look like they might appear at any moment! He seems to teethe quite comfortably; based on what moms post on FaceBook, Im realizing I should be very thankful for that fact.

Look at that new one poking through!

He isnt crawling yet, although he did start getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth right after I wrote the seven-month milestone post. In all fairness to him, he doesnt spend any time at all on the floor. (Its winter here, and the floors are truly frigid!) He does manage to roll and wriggle across a bed or pack & play to get where he wants to go.

And he has found another much more creative way to get around, too:

We call it the Nas-Chair! DJM can really cruise around in it!

In the realm of communication, he very obviously shows that he understands specific phrases such as:

¿Dónde está Papá? [Wheres Daddy?]
¿Dónde está Elizabeth? [Wheres Elizabeth?]
¿Dónde está Danielito? [Wheres Little Daniel?]
Mirá a Mamá. Mirá los ojos de Mamá. [Look at Mommy. Look at Mommys eyes.]

His understanding of the latter became very apparent when, after biting my shoulder, he tried very hard to avoid looking at my eyes when I was reprimanding him!

He also has a very distinctive cry that weve now come to understand as The Dirty Diaper Alert. He absolutely hates to have a dirty diaper! Maybe hell not only look exactly like his Daddy but will also (just like his Daddy did) be potty-trained by the time he turns two!

Life promises to be exciting!


Carrie said...

What a cutie pie! His chair maneuvering is too cute. :o)

Bethany L. said...

He is just Precious! I think he grew up a lot in the last month. The chair thing is so funny! Necessity is the mother of invention. (Jonathan didn't crawl until the day before he turned 10 months old.)

Deborah said...

Thanks for sharing that, Bethany. I'm not worried, but I do wonder sometimes... ;o)