Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

24 March 2017


Hay que apoyar en las buenas... Y en las no-tan-buenas también...

#SomosCelestes #UruguayNoMá

Y a veces, ¡hay que llevar hasta “los deberes” al estadio! J

16 March 2017

Celebrating Cédulas

Significant legal paperwork for our family was completed today. With renewed cédulas (now stating “residente legal”) for JM and E and DJ, we were feeling rather festive!

There’s nothing quite like European-style coffee – enjoyed at a little sidewalk café. (Although ice-cream from La Cigale, our favorite place, rates a very close second place! But we’ll have to wait for the next “celebratory” occasion for that...)

Autumn is right around the corner here in Montevideo, and the cool breeze this afternoon was a welcome respite after multiple heat waves this summer.

We’re thankful not only for today’s milestone but also for an outing (even on “official business”) with our favorite Little People! Life has been extra full these days...

We’re thankful...

14 March 2017

“From Saul to Paul”

Of all the people who kept the rules, Saul was the best.

“I’m good at being good!” he’d tell you.

He was very proud. And very good. But he wasn’t very nice.

Saul hated anyone who loved Jesus. He traveled around looking for them. He wanted to catch them and put them in prison. He wanted everyone to forget all about Jesus. He didn’t believe Jesus was the Rescuer. And he didn’t believe Jesus was alive, either.

You see, Saul had never met Jesus.

So one day, Jesus met Saul.

. . .

“It’s not about keeping rules!” Paul told people. “You don’t have to be good at being good for God to love you. You just have to believe what Jesus has done and follow him. Because it’s not about trying, it’s about trusting. It’s not about rules, it’s about Grace: God’s free gift – that cost him everything.”

What had happened to Paul? He met Jesus.

Paul got a new job. He called himself a servant and traveled everywhere telling everyone about Jesus. He got shipwrecked – three times! He even ended up in prison.

“God loves us!” he wrote from prison. “Nothing can ever – no, not ever! – separate us from the Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love of God he showed us in Jesus!”

26 February 2017

“Ring of Fire” Eclipse

We did not get to see the “ring of fire” aspect of today’s eclipse from Montevideo, but we did see effects of the eclipse going on.

Sycamore leaves filtered half-shadows onto our street.

The internet was a good source of information.

But the sun looked the same as ever to my camera lens.

13 February 2017

Family Outing!

One of our favorite activities as a family, especially on special occasions like birthdays, is to take a drive, enjoying Uruguay’s countryside. One week ago the occasion that allowed such a drive was the wedding of former students in Paysandú.

These weeks of camp and prep for the fast-approaching school year have been intense. So we enjoyed the two days “away” as a family. We had hoped, on the way back to Montevideo, to stop by the Nature Reserve in Trinidad; however, the park was closed for remodeling.

We still got to interact with a coatí or two – or more – that eagerly climbed over the fence, hoping for hand-outs.

They’re so cute!

We stopped before crossing the Río Negro to try our hands at skipping rocks. (I got one to skip three times before sinking!)

Nature Boy was in his element...

We enjoyed the summer flowers along the way, including the ceibo, Uruguay’s national flower.

The little zoo in San José de Mayo was a highlight!

So were the playground and old construction machinery!

Days like these busy ones – and the ones that let us stop for a breath – make us thankful for blessings big and small...

29 January 2017

Happy B-Day, Little Lady!

Our E is having a birthday!

We celebrated with a little pre-birthday outing on Saturday. (We were also celebrating my having gotten several major projects done for the Ed Tech course I’m taking and our being together again as a family after JM’s working as a counselor at youth camp last week.)

We rode the bus down to Montevideo’s southern-most point, Rambla Punta Carretas, getting there just in time to see the sun set.

We then enjoyed two of our family’s favorite Uruguayan delicacies: Chivito al Plato and La Cigale.

Fun stuff!

Every year we’re more and more thankful for the sweet, sensitive (albeit highly excitable and emotional!) Little Lady that our Loving Shepherd has entrusted to our care. We can’t imagine life without the sparkle that our Little Punkin Spice adds to every day!

We love you, Little Lady!

23 January 2017

Another Riddle (from DJ)

He’s been thinking hard this summer...

What do second graders need when they get hurt?

They need Second Aid Kits!
Because first graders use the First Aid Kits!