Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

22 August 2016

“¡Feliz Día del Niño!”

Since right before summer camp, E has been attending “Sunday School” in the mornings at Iglesia Templo Calvario (almost next-door to us). This past Saturday afternoon our family accompanied the TC children’s classes to Parque Rodó in honor of “Children’s Day” (on Sunday).


DJ experienced Bumper Cars for the first time!

E wasn’t so sure about the Pirate Ship
– simulating life on the high seas!

But she loved “las sombrillas” i.e. the parasols!

Tía Viviana, their teacher in Pando in the afternoons,
also had a special treat for them on Sunday!

19 August 2016

“Master Class”

The following video includes clips of JM’s participation in the Master Class with Enrique Graf, sponsored by Fundación José Garramón, in early July.

[Photo credit: Fundación José Garramón]
Click on the photo to see the video.


16 August 2016

Winter 2016

This winter started early... We noticed its effects on the poinsettia trees and the guava tree in our back yard; the poinsettia “blooms” never quite reached their peak (quite unlike what we’ve enjoyed in the past years). And the last of the guavas were quite green when they froze while still on the tree...

But now in mid-August, in spite of the fact that “officially” we still have about a month of winter left, many trees along our Montevideo streets are beginning to bud...

Our favorite sweet gum trees are in that number!

Winter 2016 takes me back to the cold[er] winters I remember experiencing in my childhood and teen years here. Though temperatures don’t usually stay below freezing, they do drop and hover near there. But the typical high humidity – especially on windy days – that we experience, especially on and near Uruguay’s coast, makes Montevideo’s winter cold the kind that can cut right through you...

And this year we experienced several wind storms – with abundant rain and wind gusts reaching near hurricane strength! The first of those storms took down one of the three poinsettia trees in the back yard here. So sad...

And one evening during the last wind storm in late July, as I stood in our upstairs living area, I could feel the wind blowing through cracks around the closed floor-to-ceiling balcony doors – and blowing right past me and into the master bedroom! That night was extremely cold...

But I plan to enjoy the rest of the winter season – while I look forward to the promise of the beauty of spring...

“Bird of Paradise” flowers in the front yard brighten our winter months!

09 August 2016

Looking back...

On August 9, 2009, I posted a series of memories and requests here on this blog. So much has happened in the years since that day. And we miss Jonatán more than ever...

Celebrating Jona’s 15th birthday (in 2009)

Looking back seven years later, however, we can see that God graciously answered specific prayers in infinite ways. And HE continues to answer today...

We would love for everyone to know our Loving Shepherd personally. Will you read HIS story? Will you accept HIS invitation to wholeness?

31 July 2016

Happy (Half) B-Day!

Mostly because: “Life is too short not to...”
Partly because: By now it’s more or less a family tradition...
And partly because: The extra (unforeseen) busyness of the last week made life as a family more challenging than usual...

We took time as a family and celebrated E’s “Half Birthday” yesterday.

We love our Little Lady! 

We went to our family’s favorite “high-brow” tea house. (And we were actually “proud” of our Little People’s developing table manners!) J

And we surprised our Aspiring Detective with a special gift:
Encyclopedia Brown (Boy Detective), a character and
his stories that JM and I both loved when we were about E’s age!

30 July 2016

FEBU Block Class: Montevideo!

This past week, the semi-annual FEBU block class was hosted in Montevideo; the (almost literal!) last-minute change of location was due to illness in the extended FEBU family.

The change made for a busier than normal week for everyone, including our little family. We hosted Mark and Paula Batory, with whom we otherwise would not have gotten to spend much time. E’s and DJ’s school schedules had meant that we would have been unable to attend (if the class had been at the camp in Paysandú, as originally planned).

The week ended up being a success – with much higher attendance than we otherwise would have had.

Some of Thursday’s attendees with Dr. Batory

The five days of class were busy, getting back and forth from one activity to the next, but God gives grace! And we did have a few hours on Friday afternoon to show the Batorys a bit of Montevideo.

Peatonal Sarandí & Puerta de la Ciudadela

One evening “Uncle Mark” and E put together a little after-dinner program for us: “Christmas in July!” He read the Christmas Story while E played the piano.

With help from DJ, they decorated the library quite creatively.

We’re thankful for God’s provision in every way...

28 July 2016

Auditorio del SODRE, Montevideo

On Saturday evening, JM and I celebrated another cultural milestone, attending a concert in Montevideo’s Auditorio Nacional del SODRE; it was a first for both of us. In contrast to the neoclassical architectural style of the Teatro Solís, the SODRE auditorium has a sleek, modern design.

The concert, a highlight for us and three of our FEBU family who attended with us, included the f0llowing pieces:

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun Claude Debussy
Piano Concerto No. 11 in D Major Joseph Haydn
Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra César Franck
La Valse Maurice Ravel

The guest pianist was Uruguay’s own Enrique Graf – now native to Charleston, SC – who has quite an impressive list of qualifications. And fellow South Carolinians might be interested to know that he founded the Young Artist Series in the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in SC’s Low Country.

He is such a gracious person!

Martín García, director of the orchestra, was remarkable – conducting the first and last pieces of the concert without using music scores! And before the last piece, he announced that, although it was unusual to take a mic and speak in the middle of a concert, the orchestra wanted to honor trombonist Raúl Saavedra, who – with Ravel’s Valse – would be playing his last piece with them. Ending with that warm, personal note helped to make our first visit to the SODRE an extraordinary experience.