Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

27 July 2017

Story Time!

Ten days ago, our Little Man (who had just become the proud owner of a brand new notebook) wrote a story (in English) on his own initiative, without our knowing that he was doing so.

“The /Sirt/ and The Flag” [by DJM]
(You can click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Please note that both the spelling (reflecting his [mis]pronunciations) and the punctuation are his original work! As a writing teacher, I’m amazed that he has managed to pick up so many rules of punctuation, seemingly by osmosis!

E’s example and enthusiasm (with “Un Cuento Celeste”), plus our being out at the camp, likely contributed to the storyline – and I especially love the theme of solidarity he displays!

 E is a great little teacher (even if she doesnt understand
the concept of Zone of Proximal Development quite yet!) 

Those wheels are always turning...!

Yesterday while DJ finished his lunch, gazing at the fire in the fireplace, he confided to JM [paraphrased]:

“You never really stop thinking. Because when you think you’ve stopped, you’re thinking about stopping!”

JM wisely replied (to our often over-tired Little Man):

“That’s why you have to go to sleep sometimes – so you can stop thinking!”

[Not much changes in two years or so, eh?!] J

23 July 2017

“¡Feliz Día, Papá!”

“Father’s Day!” was last Sunday here in Uruguay. Life is crazier than usual right now, so we’ve celebrated in episodes.

E and DJ both (on their own initiative) gave gifts involving drawings that mirror aspects of our daily life as a family.

DJ’s reflect things that Daddy enjoys and/or that they enjoy together.

(You can enlarge the drawings by clicking on the collage!)

My favorites are riding the “103” (i.e. the crowded public bus!) to school, playing the piano (specifically “Milonga” as you can see if you look carefully at the next-to-last drawing), and soccer – of course!

E’s pictures are a good reflection of daily home life...

Crafts, computers, blocks, books, reading together...
(And “Abu Julia” enjoying the fireplace in winter!)

Our Little People amaze us constantly! The more I learn about cognitive psychology (especially as related to child development and education), the more I realize that our two are “normal” kids – who are being blessed with unusual opportunity!

As I read over and over again the crucial role that language development plays in cognitive development (and even in structuring the brain itself), I can’t help but wonder about the role that bilingualism is playing in these two!

I’m thankful! And humbled... Although there are educators who ignore, in practice, what they had to have been taught in theory, even those life experiences are part of the eclectic educational package that we are being gifted. The blessings include experiences that we would not have chosen ourselves but that are yielding advanced cognitive results beyond our expectations!

30 June 2017

¡Pizza a la Parrilla!

¡Celebramos el fin de otro semestre con Pizza a la Parrilla!

¡Familia FEBU! (Extrañamos a los que no pudieron estar).

¡Los cocineros! (Pero faltó el Master Chef: ¡Maxi!)

¡Feliz y Bendecido Cumple, Gabriel! Tienes mucho para celebrar...

Algunas cosas no cambian...

Nos alegramos que algunas cosas no cambien...

Estamos agradecidos por el impacto positivo que tienen nuestros “hijos adoptivos” en las vidas de nuestros hijos.

29 June 2017

Changing Seasons

A few moments from mid to late autumn and early winter...

“A Little Orange Outing!”

Candy from my childhood!

Sycamore Leaves & “Mini Moon”

Winter Weather?!

23 June 2017

¿¡Cuántas estaciones!?

When our much-anticipated date to the Teatro Solís (hence the title and pictures) was cut short (initially due to work obligations and subsequently due to one of the worst migraines in years), my man watched over me with neck and foot massages and herbal teas while simultaneously taking care, more than ever, of our Little People and multi-faceted demands of the household here.

Selfie at the Solís

“Las Doce Estaciones” was the title of Tuesday’s concert, featuring works by Lamarque Pons, Vivaldi, and Piazzola on the last evening of autumn. (The pain and nausea forced us to leave before intermission...)

One night’s “sick headache” developed into a series of debilitating and discouraging migraines over the next two days but I’m thankful that – as we keep working on bettering our communication skills (well over “twelve seasons” in!) – my very best friend on earth takes careful, on-purpose care of me in all the “normal” ups and downs of daily life as well as in such details as buying ingredients and working to prepare “Chicken Noodle Soup” from scratch (when that’s the only food that sounds good while trying to recover from these latest migraines), going out to get tickets for the next major soccer game (before limited reduced prices ran out), and buying my preferred herbal toothpaste (two tubes!) just because I think the cheaper off-brand makes my gums sore right now. In so many ways, big and little, he inspires me to believe portions of the Scriptures I might otherwise doubt...

 you, JM! Thank-you for choosing to travel this journey called life with me!

19 June 2017

“Acto Escolar: 19 de Junio”

This year E and DJ got to participate together in “Flag Day” ceremonies at school.

E continues to form part of the “Honor Guard” for the National Flag,
and DJ very happily participated with his classmates.

We enjoyed the sunshine – and a few hours “off” (from school) –
in downtown Montevideo.

17 June 2017

TCKs! ♥

Our sweet boy seems to understand (in his own terms) his TCK (“third culture kid”) identity – and mine! He recently confided, tenderly holding my hand, that he loves going to the USA (in the context, of course, of life at Grandmas house!) but “I like to belong here in Uruguay with you, too!”