Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

27 February 2015

Summer Camp Highlights!

JM worked during all but one of six weeks of summer camp. The Little People and I came and went; we’re thankful for the opportunities each of us had. (And I’m thankful to have captured a few of those opportunities on camera!)

Since pictures are worth 1000 words, I’ll let ’em tell most of the story...

 DJ had a great time reconnecting with his friends.
(Ive never known a sweeter, more patient bunch
of teens and tweens!)

Soccer is always a highlight in Uruguay!

Our creative, craft-loving Elizabeth taught a new friend
to make braids with pine needles!

I got roped into playing several matches of “bochas” one afternoon.

My Daddy has great aim! 

JM had several opportunities to translate for our speaker.

We love these dear people!

And we always enjoy the flora and fauna at the camp!


Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made...
~Romans 1:20

22 February 2015

Overheard recently...

Literally hours of fun are inspired by MegaBloks at our house!

The following is a conversation, overheard recently in our livingroom:

DJ: Guess who I made?

E: King Gun?

The Giant?

The Mouse Monster?

The Cat?

I dont know! Tell me!

DJ: Guess!

E: Mr. Plant?


I dont know... Just tell me!

DJ: Guess!

E: Beeny?

Me (jumping into the conversation): What sound does it start with?

DJ: Luh.

And he has a bow tie.

E (peeking behind DJs back): Its Loud!

Creativity: Its one of the many advantages of growing up without TV in the house! J

17 February 2015

Milestones & Metaphysics!

We’re SO thankful for our Little Man!

Almost four weeks ago, inspired by the “play land” he saw when passing a kindergarten on the way to the hospital (to check on “la Abu” who was recovering from thyroid surgery), he decided he, too, wanted to “go to school.” Upon being reminded that only Big Boys who don’t wear diapers get to go to school, he decided he was ready to make that commitment. And, just like that, he did – almost literally overnight!

He was so funny and business-like about it all. That first afternoon, he insisted on drawing a poster to announce the big change. He got “Sister” to help him with the letters – especially because they weren’t fitting on the smaller size sheets of construction paper.

At the top of the poster is the now-rejected diaper;
the pair of “Big Boy Underwear” is in the middle.

(As I type this blog post, I’m grinning – remembering that there’s more than one reason this family news blog and the ministry blog are separate entities!)

This Little Man is such a delightful mix of “All Boy” and sweet tenderness...

Sweetness: When he saw that I’d painted my toenails and fingernails on Sunday night, he very enthusiastically exclaimed: “That’s great, Mommy!”

All Boy: This afternoon, while perched at the top of the stairs (in spite of a warning), he tumbled backward all the way down nine marble steps to the middle landing! Ouch!

Surprisingly, he didn’t protest at our keeping an ice pack on the bump on his head for the better part of an hour. And when, a few minutes ago, I kissed the bump, he put his arms around my neck and kissed me back: “I appreciated that ice pack, Mommy.”

He loves to learn!

And he’s a thinker. A couple weeks ago, after family devotions, he asked: “How can you follow Someone if He’s invisible?”

And he mulls over the hard questions. Out of the blue one night last week, he was very talkative. His comments revealed that he’d been thinking about the deity of Christ.

“You told me that Jesus is God’s nature. But, I’m not Daddy!”

I encouraged our Little Man to ask God to help him believe what He has told us is true:

“Where does God tell us everything He wants us to know?”

I could hear the smile in the darkness: “In the Bible!”

Please pray with us that our Little Man will very soon, at this young age, turn to Christ in true understanding for salvation. We often remind him that Jesus came to save him from his “badness” – and there are plenty of opportunities for those types of reminders…

07 February 2015

Small Steps. Big Journey.

In January of last year I used this same title on a post. It fits today, so I’m using it again.

Three days ago, JM and I started the 3-day sugar detox, which we hope to turn into a long-term habit. He’s doing more than cheering; he’s doing this with me! J

It’s been a challenge! (A bigger challenge, in fact, than I thought it would be!)

Today we’re halfway through Day 4 (which is really the beginning of Week 1 of 4), and I’m feeling much better than I did those first three days! I didn’t suffer the possible side effects of headache or irritability during those first three days! (At least not any more irritability than a “normal” day can bring… Wait! What’s a “normal” day?! But I digress...) But I definitely felt “fogginess” and “fatigue” on and off.

However, adding a (generous!) “splash” of rich whole milk to this morning’s coffee really helped! Immensely! (I’m back to normal on that score! And thrilled!) And the (Gala) apple enjoyed at lunch was amazingly sweet! The feeling of a re-calibrated palate is amazingly satisfying.

I’m now looking forward to the serving of dairy later today. (I’ll probably make it a half serving of cheese and a half serving of plain yogurt; I’ve missed both!)

And I’m doing the best I can to find (I hunted all over the supermarket last night!) “Triscuit-like” crackers so I can add those in, but the best available aren’t as “high-fiber” as I’d like. But! Uruguay isn’t Kansas – or SC! I’m here, so I’m going to do the best I can with the whole wheat & flax-seed crackers I did find...

Overall, I’m encouraged that this is looking like a sustainable life-style change. There will be additional challenges (like summer family camp in ten days). But, we’ll “make do” and keep going!

Because of family history of Type 2 diabetes (on both sides), JM and I already consistently try to avoid refined sugars, choose whole grain options, make “desserts” an occasional treat, etc. But this Sugar Detox made me see how quickly I reach for a sugary quick pick-me-up (candy, left-over Christmas turrón, etc.) – especially as a mom of little people and part-time teacher. (I wouldn't have otherwise admitted or even realized that fact!)

I’m thankful to be feeling so happy in so many ways about taking this challengeIt’s already been worth it. And I’m looking forward to looking better, too.

Now to improve on the consistent exercise part of life… J

04 February 2015

Still Celebrating...

In keeping with our family tradition of what we like to call “Birthday Season,” we’re still celebrating Elizabeth’s special day! (We’re sort of making up for JM’s time away at camp, too.)

We’re thankful for moments to spend time together – “just our family” – and make some special memories along the way. We’re keenly aware of the fact that time with our precious Little People is flying by...

Although these two have typical sibling “squabbles” at times, in general they get along very well; they’re really best friends. And we’re very thankful!

To illustrate: DJ was very concerned that he have a nice gift to give “Sister” on her birthday. So when I suggested nail polish, he was very happy. He knew how she’d been begging to get her fingernails painted for her birthday!

“Look! It has sparkles in it! 

And last Sunday at church, E was given some special sweet treats  as birthday gifts. DJ was sitting with me when they were given  to us! So I thought they were for him and told him to say “Thank-you!” When we were told they were for E, DJ climbed onto my lap and buried his face in my shoulder; there were (understandably) some tears. But I whispered to him that I was sure E would be happy to share with him. “She always does! He immediately sat up and wiped away the tears (with the backs of his hands, in that endearing little boy way). He was comforted; he was confident that his “Sister” would indeed share with him!

We’re thankful for our Sweet Girl and the precious relationship of trust she shares with her little brother  and friend!