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Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
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Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

24 August 2009

August 24: Update on Jonatán

By way of update, I'm once again including excerpts from Jonatán's grandparents. It's a remarkable juggling act to try to keep the details straight!

Jonatán's first chemo treatment was started between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. on Friday. He should be going home from the hospital today. These chemo treatments are continuous for 48 to 72 hours, waking and sleeping. Getting the chemo slowly helps to minimize side effects. Jonatán did have nausea on Saturday and was not able to eat much. Please pray that he won't lose his appetite. It's important that he not lose weight during this chemo process.

For the next two weeks, Jonatán won't have chemo. The doctors will be running tests and doing an MRI. After two weeks he'll be readmitted to the hospital for another three days of chemo, followed by three more days the following week. These first twelve weeks of chemo will be followed by studies/exams and surgery and then more chemo – for a total of 34 weeks. Please pray that the chemo will be successful. The PET scan Jonatán had last week showed a small spot on his lung and one in his neck. The doctors have said these are not a big concern because chemo will attack these also.

Rejoice with us in the Lord's provision! The Lord brought one of Jonatán's doctors to Greenville just a few months ago; he is very experienced in treating this rare kind of bone tumor. The Cancer Center for the Carolinas that is overseeing Jonatán's chemo is one of 63 centers in the USA certified by the government to do cancer research. Esteban and Esther have agreed to allow Jonatán to participate in one of the research programs. This means that he will receive top-of-the-line treatment and excellent supervision, being involved in studies and follow-up for as long as the program continues. Because this osteosarcoma is so rare (only 400 new cases are diagnosed each year in the USA), cancer centers around the world are involved in the research program.

Another added blessing: As the family was talking with the doctor on Friday, he gave clear testimony that he knows the Lord as his personal Savior. He reaffirmed that God does the healing. He just gave men science and ability to come up with treatments and surgeries, but HE is the Healer! We're thankful that Jonatán is in the Lord's hands and that God is completely in control of this situation.

Please pray that everything goes well for Jonatán during these weeks of treatment. Pray that he won't get any infections. Pray that his blood counts stay where they need to be (otherwise he'll need blood transfusions). Pray that the chemo will shrink the tumor before the surgery. They're looking tentatively at early to mid-November for surgery. He'll be having multiple tests and scans during this 12-week period of chemo to gauge progress. Pray for continued wisdom for the doctors. Pray for continued strength and grace for Jonatán and his family.

We are thankful for all of you who are praying for Jonatán and his family and his extended family in Uruguay. We're thankful that the Lord is good all the time, and we trust Him completely.

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