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Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

07 September 2015

Stretching through Schooling...

Since writing our “Education Update” (almost six months ago), I’ve been doing a lot of thinking... (Dangerous! I know...)

As I’ve watch our Little Man, compelled to learn aspects of life he would not choose to learn right now, I’m beginning to understand the heart of my perfect Father in Heaven, in ways that are more real to me than ever. And I’m beyond thankful for His great goodness to me...

DJ’s transition from life as he’d always known it at home to life in K-4 was anything but smooth at the beginning… So, I found myself taking advantage of the unsought life lessons to explain some great truths: Even when he doesn’t understand our choices as his parents (why he must attend school right now, why we don’t stay at school with him, etc.), he can trust us. He knows that we love him – more than anyone else (except God Himself) does – and we are choosing what we know to be best for him right now.

As I hold him close and whisper these truths in his little ear, I’m thankful for these opportunities to impart truth. I’m thankful that I can reassure him with the fact that we are choosing what is best for him. I can say with confidence that we are “choosing what is best” because of truths I previously affirmed in my original “Education Update” (back in late March):

In the midst of all the uncertainties, we’re convinced that our Loving Shepherd has led our family to Uruguay. And we know He is always faithful! And we believe that He has made His leading clear regarding schooling in the immediate future – with the immigration office now enforcing attendance at “recognized” schools. That said, I often feel, as a Mom, that I’m groping my way along. But I know that God will give us grace for every moment – and there are definitely challenging moments. But these are the challenges my Uruguayan sisters and brothers in Christ face every day!

So, I hug my Little Man and reassure him of our love for him, telling him that we choose what is best for him – because we love him! I tell him that even when he doesn’t understand our choices, he can trust us; and, as I tell him these earthly truths, I grow in my own understanding of my Heavenly Father’s wisdom – and love – in a more real way than I ever have before!

I know my own heart as a parent, imperfect as it is: I love these two Little People tenaciously! In stark contrast to me, however, my Father in Heaven is the Perfect Parent; His love – and wisdom – are perfect! He will never fail! And I marvel again at the many illustrations of Himself and of His perfect relationship with us who are His children, His redeemed ones, He gives to us day by day as He gives to us daily life in our families.

Like our Little People learn from us, their earthly parents, we all learn larger life lessons from the loving hand of the only Perfect Father. As I meditate on these truths, I’m reminded again of His ultimate purpose for His redeemed ones – stated in the great context of Romans 8.

In early 2011 when I penned similar thoughts, the reminders came through sleepless (or at least greatly interrupted) nights, runny noses, and new baby teeth. Today they come through the stretching of an unexpected (for us) schooling process.

Once again, however, I can affirm the same eternal truths I clung to over four years ago...
Periods of night-time wakefulness can be profitable times to think...and pray...and recognize that God is lovingly at work in our lives. In the midst of my foggy, sleep-deprived state, He gently reminds me of great truths He has used to comfort me in the past: None of these circumstances come as a surprise to Him; as my loving and all-wise Father, He has ordained them!
These difficulties are part of the “all things” He is causing to work together for our good. After all, we have been called according to His purpose, and He has determined the boundaries of that purpose: Those who know Christ personally as Savior from sin and its eternal penalty can rejoice that God will conform us to the image of Christ, the only perfect Person who has ever lived on this planet! The ultimate result will be that HE, the Son, will be glorified; He will be the pre-eminent one among many who have been made like Him – they are called brethren! (cf. Romans 8)
This conformity to Christ’s image comes about through the “all things” – including sleepless nights, fussy children, runny noses, and infinitely more serious situations that try us to the depths of our beings as parents... God has predetermined this perfecting; it is His purpose – it will happen! He loves us that much!
As I renew my mind with these truths, the Author comforts me; He gives me hope in the depths of the night when I am tempted by despairing thoughts... So... Don’t feel sorry for us as you read this. If you know God, He is also using “all things” in your life to conform you to the image of His Son! “All things” in your life probably look quite different from “all things” in mine, but God is just as certainly at work in your life if you are His child. He loves you!

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