Sonidos Serranos

Sonidos Serranos: Sounds of the Sierras...
Reflecting some of my family's interests: God's wonderful creation (especially mountains and hills!), music, and language...

Psalm 121:1-2 (NASB)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

24 January 2011

How much does he weigh?


Here's how the participants in the poll voted:
0 (0%) voted:   13 lbs, 12 oz
3 (16%) voted: 14 lbs, 5 oz
9 (50%) voted: 14 lbs, 13 oz
6 (33%) voted: 15 lbs, 1 oz
Most of the participants guessed what I was guessing on the way to the doctor's office...

[Drum roll, please!]

However, DJM surprised most of us! He must've been concentrating on height instead of weight during the past month because he weighed "only" 14 lbs, 5 oz on January 18. (I'm guessing he's gained the other 8 oz and reached the 14 lbs, 13 oz weight by now, though.)

Thanks to all who participated in my little poll. (I enjoyed it!)

Stay tuned for more pictures of Chubbs and his Best Big Sister!

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